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Our studio prices range from $1500 to $4500.

The average couple spends around $3500 for our Associate Studio services with add-ons.

Filmed and edited by Ryan Films lead shooters, quality guaranteed by Ryan.

Click HERE to see Ryan's Prices.



Our packages are catered for couples looking for coverage of the prep, ceremony, and reception.

1 Lead Videographer, 6 hours.

Additional Hours are +$200/hr

6 Hours of Coverage
+$500 add-on

A 2nd shooter will allow for more shots of the decor, guests, and will almost double the amount  raw footage.

Drone coverage also comes included with a 2nd shooter.

Extremely recommended if there are 2 photographers.

2nd Shooter / Drone Coverage


Social Media / Teaser Video

Perfect for sharing on Social Media.

Delivered within 2 weeks of the wedding.

Included with most of our packages.

1 Minute in length.

The Sneak Peek
Highlight Reel

Highlight reel of the day.

Music Only.

Average 3-4 minutes in length.

Short & Sweet
Cinematic Creative Film

Artistically crafted, designed to be jaw-dropping.

Vows & Speeches woven throughout.

Average 6-7 minutes in length.

Our Signature Film
Full Day Documentary

Bringing back the home video vibes, but polished.

Features the entire ceremony and all formalities of the reception from start to finish, with multiple angles and cleaned audio.

Average 45-60 minutes in length.

Your Traditional Wedding Video
Edited Videos


Raw Footage Package  |  $1500
  • All the Raw Unedited Footage
    Provide us with a usb drive of your choice for us to transfer all the footage to the night of the wedding. We also keep a copy for our own archives if you later decide you'd like us to edit.

  • Future Editing Options Available
    Social Media Teaser Video +$200
    3-4 min Highlight Reel +$1000

    6-7 min Short Movie +$1500
    45-60 min Documentary Full Ceremony + Reception +$1500

Filming Only, DIY Editing
Ceremony Only Package  |  $1000
  • Comes with 1 videographer for up to 1 hour of coverage. 

  • Edited video of the full event. Start to finish, multiple angles and cleaned audio

The Fundamental 
Highlight Reel Package  |  $2500
  • 3-4 min Highlight Reel, music only (Optional +$150 to include dialogue)

Short & Sweet
Creative Film Package  |  $3000
Our Signature Film
  • 6-7 min Creative Film

  • 1 min Teaser

Documentary Package  |  $3000
Your Traditional Wedding Video
  • 45-60 min Full Day Documentary Video

  • 1 min Teaser

Complete Package  |  $3500
Both the Highlight Reel & Documentary Video
  • 3-4 min Highlight Reel

  • 45-60 min Full Day Documentary Style Video

  • 1 min Teaser

Complete Plus Package  |  $4000
Everything You Could Possibly Want
  • 6-7 min Creative Film

  • 45-60 min Full Day Documentary Video

  • 1 min Teaser




A separate highlight reel (2-4 minutes) played the night of your reception.
Prepared within 4 hours after your ceremony.

Click Here for Example Video

Same Day Edit Video

We interview you and your partner with silly and fun questions of what makes you, YOU. Then we’ll go on a casual date and film you in your most candid self. Finally, we’ll mix in any other photos or vids' you’ve collected throughout your dating and present it in a way that lets your personalities shine through!
Click Here for Example Video

Love Story Video

1 hr of coverage on a separate day.
Additional hrs are +$100/hr per videographer.

Extra Day Coverage

We interview your guests to wish you advice and blessings.
Click Here for Example Video

Best Wishes Video

Stream your ceremony online with professional audio and camera angles. As easy as sharing a url link!


Features guests and wedding party arrival. Full video of giving tea and gifts.
1 extra hour of videography coverage is included.

Must be same day.
Click Here for Example Video

Tea Ceremony Video

Included with the Complete & Documentary Packages.
Features full wedding ceremony with multiple camera angles.
Usually around 20-30 minutes in length, depending on the ceremony.

Click Here for Example Video

Full Ceremony Video

Included with the Complete & Documentary Packages.
Features entirety of your grand entrance, first dance, parent dances, and all speeches.
Usually 30-45 minutes in length.

Click Here for Example Video

Full Reception Video
Additional Options

Free Raw Footage

Available upon request on client-provided USB drive.


Available for weddings that are on Mondays through Thursdays, or in the months of December through February. 

I Don't Need the Full 6 hours Included

We can deduct $100 off for every hour not needed.

 Delivery Method

All video products delivered digitally through a download link.

Will I know my videographer?

Yes, your lead videographer will be assigned during the contract process.

Delivery Times:

Social Media Teaser Video: 2 weeks after the wedding.

Feb-May: 3-4 months delivery.

June-August: 4-5 months delivery.

Sept-Jan: 5-6 months delivery.

What is a Documentary Edit?
Our Documentary Edits don’t feature the cinematic style our highlight reels have, but rather show off more technical editing to make the entire raw footage look clean, professional, and presentable.
Bringing back the home video vibes.

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